Our Staff

Brian Dolleman - Lead Pastor
email: pastor@nwlifechurch.com
website: www.northwestleader.com

Angela Hagebusch - Children's Pastor
Angela is the Childrenís Pastor for our Kidís Life ministry (2nd-6th grade) and is also one of our Sunday morning communicators.
She is married to Pastor DJ, and is Carter, Noah, and Londonís mommy.
email: angela@nwlifechurch.com
website: www.angelahagebusch.com

DJ Hagebusch - Executive Pastor
DJ is the Business Pastor and is also in charge of many of our outreach events.
He grew up in the NW, is married to Pastor Angela, has three young children and plays bass in our worship band.
email: dj@nwlifechurch.com

Andy Jones - Campus Pastor
Andy is our Campus Pastor and is also one of our Sunday morning communicators.
Andy loves sports, is married to Stacey, and has four young children.
email: andy@nwlifechurch.com
website: www.andyjoneslive.com

Katie Jones - Children's Pastor and Preschool Director
Katie is the Director of Fairwood Christian Preschool, and also our Kidís Life Jr ministry (birth-1st grade).
She loves to paint and decorate; she also throws great parties.
email: katie@nwlifechurch.com

Shaun Jones - Media Director
Shaun is the Media Director and can play any instrument imaginable.
He produces many of our videos and leads our sound team.
email: shaun@nwlifechurch.com

D.J. Marin - Youth Pastor
D.J. is the youth pastor and intern director.
email: marin@nwlifechurch.com

Grant Millard - Associate Youth Pastor and Associate media director
Grant serves on our youth team and also produces many of our media projects.
He also plays the piano and Hammond organ in our band.
email: grant@nwlifechurch.com

Kyle Wheeler - Worship Pastor
Kyle is the worship pastor and leader of the band.
He writes original songs, plays guitar, and is constantly making people laugh.
email: kyle@nwlifechurch.com